1. h34x4 says:

    ok ok its not that fully locking an xj is hard or costly its that lockers arnt a crawling mod its they mod to crawl if you fully locked in anything trail wise you are not almost stock

  2. kc8ntp says:

    @h34x4 You could get the Jeep with a posi in the rear. But, yes, I see what you are saying. However, even a moron can put lockers in a Cherokee in both diffs in under 3-hours. The rear is easy to install a locker on most 4X4s, but the Jeep is also one of the easiest to put one in the front, too. Plus, if there was somebody that knew how to fucking drive, then it would have been much easier to climb that hill!

  3. xjjeepcherokee says:

    can anyone help I have a 90 xj with a starting problem. i have spark i have also replaced the fuel pump never had a problem till i done that now my fuel pump is getting hardly an juice to put fuel up to my fuel rail. ive checked everything that i know of. is there anything else i can do?

  4. Halliday7895 says:

    @rudyyy60 hahah not true my ex girlfriend flipped hers over because she “thought” she saw a deer and swerved and then swerved again to miss a Utility Pole and it flipped over upside down. nothing with wheels is women proof. They have a weak ability to stay calm in stressful situations., hell she cant even keep her mouth shut and be calm when I’m driving and nothing is even wrong. The only women proofing you can do is sound proofing so you cant hear the female passengers navigational freakouts!

  5. kevin108 says:

    @h34x4 She’s probably running a 2″ BB and $600 worth of Aussie Lockers front and rear. As far as Jeep mods go, she’s damn close to stock. I mean, she still has the plastic end caps on the stock front bumper!

  6. NowLifeStarts says:

    @Magnuspire The ones lifted way in the air so far they are beyond practical are known as the mall rompers. It’s all for show and chances are they have never even put the truck in 4 wheen drive. lol

  7. TheKassieandJohnShow says:

    @Magnuspire The point in lift is to fit bigger tires underneath, which increases clearance underneath the diffs. Plus, it gives you more articulation to keep wheels on the ground.

  8. Magnuspire says:

    @TheDelozier That I know, but it doesn’t really provide a significant bump in height. Most of the guys around here lift a truck so it’s 8-9 feet in the air but only run 30″ tires. To me it just doesn’t seem piratical.

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