Is it true that commercial mortgage loans are all ARM’s?

Question by MrsSilentWarrior: Is it true that commercial mortgage loans are all ARM’s?
When we got our commercial loan, our loan officer told us that “all commercial mortgages are ARM.” Although we got in on the low interest rate boom 4 yrs ago, our payments are now almost doubled. Any suggestions?

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fix it! i have never heard such a thing……and i mean fix it by putting it in a fixed mortgage.

What is the rate? and the loan amount?

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  1. matzael says:

    NO, that is totally incorrect. I’d look into refinancing the property into a fixed rate. Also I’d look around for a different commercial broker to deal with. This person either doesn’t know what he’s talking about, or lied to you. Either way, he’s hurting your business

  2. BARRY says:

    Most commercial mortgages are offered as ARM. However, this does not mean that fixed rates aren’t available. And there are also ARM programs that are fixed for 10 years.
    If your rate is going up, you should consider refinancing.

    Good luck,


  3. Shawna Marie says:

    If it is a commercial loan then most of the programs are ARM’s. Most of them also have a balloon payment. However, there are fixed rate options. The rates are usually so ugly though it isn’t worth doing it (at least on the commercial side). Some of the rates on commercial are in the 5’s right now. E-mail me with your scenario and I can give you a quote on another 5 year ARM, a 10 year fixed, and a 15 year fixed. Depending on the property type will depend on whether you can get a term any longer than 15 years.

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