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Disaster Looms for Many With Home Equity Lines of Credit

Disaster Looms for Many With Home Equity Lines of Credit
BJDH13 house on a pile of dollars Debt; Equity; Finance; House; Blue Alamy If you have been reading the headlines lately, you will notice a lot of news about home equity lines of credit. On the one hand, we are fearing the looming crisis of resetting …
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for consumers: Home Equity Lines of Credit Making Comeback
The couple recently opened a home-equity line of credit at Landmark Credit Union with a 1.99 percent introductory annual percentage rate fixed for 18 months, and now are picking out kitchen cabinets, countertops and flooring to finally renovate the …
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David Cameron, British Prime Minister

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David Cameron, British Prime Minister
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Image by bisgovuk

David Cameron, British Prime Minister, at the Export for Growth conference at London’s Imax Theatre; the Prime Minister announced a business growth package to help Britain’s small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) create jobs, export to new markets, secure finance and cut red tape.

Measures include a £95 million investment from the Regional Growth Fund to benefit hundreds of small businesses. This funding will support those SMEs considering investing in new capital assets and is expected to create at least 4,000 jobs and unlock around £500 million of new investment.

A Birder’s & Wildlife Photographer’s “Calling Card”
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Image by ingridtaylar
I was part of an animated discussion recently, on the concept of a Wildlife Watchers’ Stamp — an alternative to the Federal Duck Stamp for us non-hunters.

In my conversations with various wildlife advocates, one of the ideas that consistently comes up is increasing the visibility of birders and photographers. People may not realize how much money birding, photography and wildlife watching bring into local communities. It adds perceived value to our refuges, wilderness habitat and wild animals — if local businesses and community members know that these protected parks and refuges are the main draw for a lot of visitors. People protect what they love, whatever the basis for that affection.

Hugh and I made up this “calling card” template to leave with local proprietors, when we’re in the area to photograph wildlife. If it’s an idea you’d like to implement, feel free to use it. I uploaded a multi-card template (PDF) as well. It’s licensed under “Attribution, Noncommercial, Share Alike” but no attribution is necessary unless you’re using the graphic in an editorial context. The graphic is based on my composite of a Kingfisher in flight.