How difficult is it to get a Personal loan with Wells Fargo?

Question by Cody_Pacific: How difficult is it to get a Personal loan with Wells Fargo?
I’m interested in applying for a small personal loan with wells fargo ($ 4,000), and I’m going to have a co-applicant since my credit isn’t wonderful (the reason i get denied places it says is because of lack of recent reporting).
My question is, any idea how difficult it will be to get a loan with them?
My identity was recently stolen, and my account has been in the auditing process for the last month. I need to pay bills and not acrue late fee’s, which is the reason for the loan.

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Answer by Sharon T
It will depend on the strength of your co-signer since your credit is in limbo.

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  1. Reena says:

    Chances are slim to nothing: You have a better chance of getting a loan from the Tooth Faerie.

    Every hard inquiry into your credit will show up and Wells Fargo will see that other places have turned you down. If your credit report is currently frozen because of the identity theft issue then Wells Fargo won’t be able to see your report and that alone will be reason to deny you altogether, even with a co-signer.

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