Personal Loan?

personal loan
by semarr

Question by forplay802: Personal Loan?
looking for a personal loan to an Autralian resident. Looking to consolidate debts, and am prepared to make weekly, repayments. Any advice or offers appreciated. Not looking for small loans…

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Answer by donna2mph_K
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  1. Succes says:

    Opt for a debt consolidation loan: The easiest method of getting a debt consolidation loan is to utilize the equity of your home. Equity of your home is calculated and determined by the difference in the amount you have paid and the amount you owe. If the amount you have paid is more than the amount due, you can use it as collateral. This allows you to borrow money on lower interest rates. Besides, you also get tax benefit on this type of loan. Consult your tax advisor before opting for this loan.

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