Q&A: What is a good intrest rate for a personal loan?

Question by joyce: What is a good intrest rate for a personal loan?
I took out a personal loan from a credit union for 00. The intrest rate is 9.9% and I have 5 years to pay it back. Did I get a good deal? My credit is in excellent condition, I have never been late on a bill and I have one student loan bill already pain in full.

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Answer by batwanda
hi there, I think you got a fine enough interest rate on an unsecured personal loan. Truly, since you offered no collatoral except your promise to pay, this is a fine rate. Take your monthly payment and add a bit to it each month and you will pay it off faster and spend less on interest.
Good Luck
ps im a mortgage broker

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  1. whatevit says:

    You have a good rate, this is signature loan? Meaning no colloidal, not backed by house or car title? You need to step up the payments as much as possible, 5 years is too long to take to pay back this loan.

    You should be able to put $1,000 a year in the savings account after all you bills are paid. This is minimum, you should be trying to put $500 a month in the saving account on a regular basic.

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