Where can I find a Personal Loan with a really bad credit score?

Question by malaret2: Where can I find a Personal Loan with a really bad credit score?
Where can I find a Personal Loan with a really bad credit score?

I have a good paying steady job with the best job security(i’m in the Military). im in debt but only because i have all these bills in different places and not enoughf money to pay for all of them, if i had a personal loan for about $ 5,000-$ 8,000 i would be more then ok.
My problem is that my credit got really bad(horible) and i have tried just about everyplace online to find a loan, at this point im kind of desperite, i would pay an extremly high inteset rate just to get a loan.
Any ideas can anyone help?
For all those who are Ignorant like HeatherLyn im want a loan to consolidate my Expensise not just spend my money freely…and i am in the military…please people read before you answer and keep your ignorant comments to yourself

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Answer by HeatherLyn
Getting more loans (which mean extending more credit) isn’t going to help you in the long run- how will you pay THAT loan off?

You should get a real job, work harder to pay off all your bills, and stop spending so much. More debt isn’t the answer.

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  1. Helen T says:

    I “googled” something like “loan with bad credit” and HFC came up. Not only was I able to get a line of credit, I was able to refinance the house and my credit score has doubled in less than a year.

  2. ltllady08 says:

    You have many choices: borrow money from a friend or family member which can be a hardship, (pay them back) or fix your credit.

    First thing I think you should do is to to restablish you credit. Unfortunately, not many financial institutions are going to be able to help you especially if you credit scores are really low. I’ve been there and believe me its not easy. Don’t go get any payday loans either, it will only make it worse.

    My advise is if you have a bank account ask to open up a secured credit card. You give them $ 300 (for example) to open a line of credit. Remember you are using your own money to rebuild your credit so pay it on time! (everytime you pay your bills on time you scores go up)

    Usually after a year and if you’ve made your payments on time you’ll receive a unsecured card with the banks credit limit. You’ve then established a great credit rating and can soon apply for more credit. Just keep in mind not to get yourself in debt again. Good luck!

  3. NOVA50 says:

    If you have bad credit and alot of debt no one is going to want to borrow to you and its worth even worth using very high interest.

    You need to use cash and that’ll fix your problems.

  4. enterapersonalsnamehahah says:

    Maybe a secured credit card? I don’t use CCs but maybe an option.

    So you want to consolidate your loans in to one lower payment you can afford? I think there are companies that do this. From TV, “debt and loan consolidation? Man, sorry to hear your plight. Wish I could help you. Thank you for your service. Do you own anything that could be used to secure a loan like a car?

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