Where can I go online to compare rates for a personal loan?

Question by LineQ: Where can I go online to compare rates for a personal loan?
I want to borrow some extra money for school (not a school loan). Is there any where I can go to find the best interest rates for a personal loan like they do for car insurance?

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Answer by Ed P
Buyer Beware Go the bank or credit union

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  1. Jaylah says:

    It is not difficult these days to find people whose financial situation is in the doldrums. With increasing cost of living and an opulent lifestyle that are often coerced on people, it is not surprising that many people findSince bad credit loans are provided in spite of one’s bad financial condition and since one needs to spend extra as costs for availing such a loan, one needs to ensure that the payments are made properly in order to enhance one’s credit rating and asset quality.

  2. Bridget H says:

    If you have okay credit you can go to a Bank or credit union.

    I agree that bankrate.com is one of the best places to go.

    Know that 10 to 15% is a high rate. Don’t go much higher than that. If you have some collateral ( a paid off car, a home, etc.) or a co-signer, the rate will be lower.

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